Welcome! This is the Hager Chapter's website on the IAAP Web Community. If you are new to IAAP or would like more information about the Association, please check out the "About Us" tab above.

Please note that our Association is currently moving through a transition into a new structure. As of April 30, 2015, Hager Chapter, and all Chapters of IAAP, will dissolve. Once the chapters have transitioned, newly formed Branches and Local Area Networks (LANS) will be formed to provide educational opportunities.

If you are a speaker and would like to inquire about our speaker's database, please visit the IAAP site at iaap-hq.org. Once the database has been opened, you will be able to self register to be a speaker for the Association.

Hager Chapter would like to thank all of the members, families, communities that have supported the Chapter over the last 60 years.

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60th Anniversary

Come reminisce with IAAP Hager Chapter as we celebrate our 60th Anniversary March 21, 2015 The Airport Inn Hagerstown, MD        

If you would like to join us, please contact Gerry Reid, Vice President, 301-582-2540 or by email at gerryreid7@aol.com

President's Message

  • Antoinette Smith

    April President's Message

    I know it’s early but let me wish all of you a wonderful Administrative Professionals Day on April 22. Being a member of IAAP already sets you apart as dedicated, ambitious professionals. Administrative...

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Hager Chapter Membership Meeting

On April 12, 2015 Hager Chapter will hold its closing ceremony meeting.

We will be gathering for afternoon tea at Sereni-tea Victorian Tea Room, Funkstown MD.

Seating is limited, so get your registration in early. We would like to keep this to just members. We will be holding an "outstall" ceremony during our time together.

If you would like to register for this meeting, please contact Judy Bohner, 301-797-5735 or email hagerchapter_iaap@yahoo.com

The cost is $25 and is due to Judy Bohner before the meeting close.

Northeast Director Messages

Hager Chapter Members - Each month the Northeast District Director sends out a message to the members of the NE District.
Simply click on this link to read the most current message.
As the month changes and the message changes, it will take you to the newest one. Enjoy!